We’ve joined the reGAIN app

Clothing going into landfills is becoming a problem which fast fashion doesn’t help. Over the past year or so, you may not have added to this. But with the lifting of social distancing rules, that’s about to change.

With all the signs that global warming is happening faster than we thought, we need to do something different. That’s why we’ve just partnered with reGAIN app.

How reGAIN Works

  •  Download the app onto your phone. The app is available for both iPhone android.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to the map (drop off point), check out the tips or have a look at the coupon list. You won’t be able to use any until you’ve donated.
  • Once on the map page, choose to donate to either reGAIN or charity. The main difference between the two choices is reGAIN aims to make new items from your items while the charities will resell. Make sure if you donate to charity, your items are resalable! If not, use reGAIN.
  • Select the closest drop off point & create a shipping label or a barcode and send your parcel.*
  • The shipping label is valid for 7days.
Clothing rack with a slogan on the wall behind it

What You Get

When you donate, you’ll get 10-day access to exclusive discount coupons from leading retailers. There are loads of offers available, so you have a great choice, and your clothing donation will help raise money for charity! Until the end of the year, you can get 30% off your next purchase on coolsarkyprints.xyz via reGAIN. Enjoy!

Currently, the reGAIN app is only available in the UK. Only your name and email address are needed to send your items. You may use the app on both mobile phone and desktop browsers.
*Minimum of 10 items per package.

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