The Ultimate Guide to Learning New Skills

Learning new skills is great at any time. Right now, it’s vital for keeping everyone sane & out of trouble. Here’s a fun spin on some of the More sensible lists going around!

1.Learn Klingon: Everyone seems to be learning new languages at the moment, but how many are learning Klingon? When we do all start speaking to people we don’t live with again, it’ll be one helluva conversation starter/stopper/party piece.  ‘Qo’mey poSmoH Hol (language opens worlds)

2.Learn how to bake without flour: if you haven’t noticed, flour is still in short supply. You can use flour substitutes & the kids can legitimately complain in years to come how deprived they were.

3. Dance like no one’s watching. They’re not watching. They’re listening with a glass against the wall

4. Plan the holiday you’ll no be able to take because either you’re brassic (broke). Or all airlines stop flying.

5.Learn how to make cocktails with the strange-looking stuff sitting in the back of your drinks cupboard. Or the dregs left from last night.

6. Learn first aid as it could come in handy after learning numbers 2, 3 & 5.


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