Social Media: Could You Live Life Without It?

Stopping social media use is becoming a thing among the rich & famous. The most recent person to do it being  Channing Tatum. Apparently he hasn’t ‘… felt very creative on social media in the last couple years now

However, people worldwide seem to be having a tougher time taking a break.  Really heavy users are having disturbed sleep.

The blue light given off by screens is leading to bad sleep patterns.The lack of good quality sleep leads to low mood &  bad temperateness. Living like this for long periods of time are leading to bad mental health.

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Research carried out shows younger users brain development & mental resilience may be affected in a negative way with over use.  See (impact of technology on children)

Just for fun, take the quick quiz below & if you want to cut down on on your usage, scroll to see a few tips on how you can cut down your usage

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Use Grayscale

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The Center for Humane Technology (CHT) says the ‘colorful icons offer our brains shiny rewards…’ every time we unlock our mobile phone. Setting your phone to grayscale may be a way to train your mind to examine your phone less. How it’s done will vary, depending on your phone.

Use Google Digital Well being (Android)

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‘Digital well being’ is an app that offers you a dashboard breaking down all of your usage, however typically you’ve unlocked your phone; how many notifications you’ve received, that sort of thing. You can additionally set app limits and switch off notifications.

Reset your Notifications

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Turn off all of your notifications except for those from real people you need to hear from

Take Your Apps Off The Phone

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If you’re desperate to cut down, take your social media apps off your phone. Only access them through a computer instead

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