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Things are tough for everyone at the moment. Some are having it tougher than most. This download is free for you, in the hope you can help a few of them out. Do not feel obligated to donate. It isn’t necessary. Just enjoy the download*

The Hicks fans probably already know this charity but if you don’t, you’ll no doubt have heard about the great man’s love of animals, so this charity been set up in his honour won’t seem strange.  It’s the  Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife. They’re based in Texas, so if you’re in the vicinity (or even if you’re not),  check out their website  (or Facebook page)  & see what they need.

To be fair, they’ve some great tees as a gift for certain donations. But if you can’t manage that right now, anything will be gratefully received.


The last words of Bill Hicks as a download are on this page

*It would be really useful if you could leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism! Thanks in advance.


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