Premium Quality T-Shirts with Funny Parenthood jokes

Premium quality parenthood transition doesn’t happen enough. Having a baby is often a nerve-racking affair. One that has the potential to tax people’s social resources significantly.

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It may be frustrating for couples as they realize they have less time for adult activities that enjoyed before they became parents. Then there’s the negotiation of child care responsibilities.

These responsibilities still fall mainly on the mother (obviously that’s different in same sex couples. Doesn’t mean the struggle ain’t real)

Another stress around the birth of a baby is how people react to the event. People’s centre of attention tends to be the baby. The dynamic life changes of the new mother don’t seem to be important. Unless it effects the needs of the baby. Understandable but still doesn’t seem completely fair.

In a bid to try and address this major imbalance, look at our selection of completely irreverent mother t shirts. Premium quality t shirts, emblazoned with a wicked sarcastic joke about being a parent. Designs are printed on eco friendly t shirts so shop smug!


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