Dark memes for dark times

What’s a meme?

There seem to be as many memes out there as there are devices & in these strange times, dark memes are popping up everywhere! The word meme comes from the Greek for ‘imitated’ The first modern-day reference to memes is said to have been made by famous atheist Richard Dawkins in his book ‘The selfish gene’. He used the term to explain how thoughts & ideas were passed on culturally from one person to another.

Example of a meme in the early days

The dancing baby hallucination in the 1990’s programme ‘Ally McBeal’ is a great example of what Dawkins was talking about. Before it appeared in the programme, it went viral around the internet!

Ally McBeal dancing baby

Dark memes are memes which have a slightly twisted joke. They also have a habit of being ‘corrupted’ as they travel the internet. Check which of humour fits your personality here, just in case they’re not your thing. The best ones make you think as well as laugh. These are a few memes for your amusement. (Or bemusement.) Feel free to share with the share buttons or add your own in the comments.

Person with surgical mask & googles saying too early for anti vaxxer jokes?
Freemason symbol with the sentence 'social distancing: how can we spot Freemasons?'

meme of dustmen throwing cardboard box in back of rubbish cart

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