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The birth of the slogan tee

“Slogans work on so many different levels; they’re almost subliminal. They’re also a way of people aligning themselves to a cause. They’re tribal. Wearing one is like branding yourself.” Katharine Hamnett

In the 1980s, the slogan tee came into its own with Katharine Hamnett’s infamous designs. But it’s history is said to have begun a few years earlier. In the 1960s when a shop called Mr Freedom on the King’s Road in Chelsea started to sell Disney-inspired t-shirts.

Below’s a brief history of the label started by Tommy Roberts & his business partner with a selection of the slogan tee, jeans & other designs they created.


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Autism: Having Fun with the Weak Coherence Theory

Over the past few days I’ve been having a bit of fun with my boy’s autism. He’s on the spectrum & I’ve been using the weak coherence theory in new designs I’m working on. The theory  Have a go at them yourself and don’t forget to share the fun!

If your not sure what the messages are, see below!

Message number 1

Message number 2

Message number 1 reads ‘the time of your life when dreams are made.’   Message number  2 reads ‘the time of life you forget what fun is!’

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What To Do With Old Clothes: Old Tee Recycling Idea

Ever wondered what to do with old clothes? We’re all really conscious of what our habits are doing to the environment. Take a look at this amazing idea for recycling old t-shirts from Vanillajoy. Feel free to leave more ideas in the comments!