Mass Production of Clothing History

  Fast fashion. In the UK it’s known as off the peg. The US, off the rack. Either way, it’s the main way we purchase our clothes. Today, we tend to buy clothing that is not tailor-made. We wear them a few times. Then we throw them away. The creation, production, and distribution of clothingRead more ⟶

How Is Recycled Plastic Made? (Part 2)

For this post to make sense, you’ll need to have at least scanned How Is Recycled Plastic Made? (Part 1) as it goes through the first stages of recycling plastic. Plastics Optic Sorting Machine Each type of plastic allows different light levels to radiate through. Optical sorting machines recognise the varieties of plastic at high speedRead more ⟶

How Is Recycled Plastic Made? (Part 1)

Plastic is a cheap, light, strong and versatile material used in many things we use daily. The problem is the ingredients; crude oil, natural gas and coal. These are the main ingredients, and, as we all know, extracting them from the ground has moved the world into a crisis. Recycling the plastic we have alreadyRead more ⟶

Clothes Recycling. What’s The Process?

Clothes recycling is a labour-intensive process. Clothing collected through doorstep collection by local authorities or charities or clothes recycling bins ends up at a sorting facility.*Once there, the method of garment checking is done manually. Better quality garments are baled, exported to developing countries and sold by local merchants. Articles unfit for reuse (eg. torn/Read more ⟶

Amazon Student Prime Account

Full disclosure. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Learning new skills is good at any time in your life: Higher education credentials are essential for anyone who knows what they want to do as a career. With a new batch of students due to go to uni in October, here’s a quickRead more ⟶

How Recycling Clothes Helps The Environment

Recycling clothes is a complicated part of the recycling process. Still done exclusively by hand, clothes recycling helps greatly with lowering household gases but still doesn’t make much money for the recycler. How Textile Recycling Works In The UK Traditionally, textiles get collected in three ways; kerbside collection, recycling centres and bring sites/banks. Kerbside collections:Read more ⟶

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