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Who We Are

Black and white photo of Sarah Gyamfi Founder Cool Sarky Prints

My name is Sarah Gyamfi. Around 5 years ago, I started Maiden Islington Jewellery creating completely handcrafted jewellery. Due to RSI, I only occasionally make jewellery today. I started Cool Sarky Prints on Etsy, selling funny coffee/tea mugs. We aim to help you, me & anyone who is concerned with the future of the planet to end the chain of;

  • take 
  • make 
  • use
  • lose 

& progress to a future where we ;

  • take 
  • make
  • use
  • reuse

We’re the shop for you when you want to show your unique style while keeping an eye on your consumption. We’re here for you if;

  •  you’re not a confident charity shop user, 
  •  not very good with a sewing machine or,
  • want something unique to give as a gift

What We Do

We sell well-made clothing & accessories with designs that make life worthwhile! Where possible, you get offered an eco-friendly option.
Each print file is held at different factories worldwide so, each order gets processed at the one nearest to your location.
We provide you lovely people with unique clothing & accessories for you to wear & gift. Demonstrate your style with our powerful printed slogan & graphic t-shirts or put a smile on the face of a friend or workmate with one of our accessories.

Why Shop With Us?


All items use POD (print on demand) so, you can rest easy that your order is kinder for the environment than mass-produced clothing.
We are a small company with no plans to grow into a large, multi-national monster so you know your purchase is helping a small brand to keep going.
We’ve got oodles of eco-friendly tees, sweatshirts, totes & accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.

Now What?

We’ve been trained to consume, making it difficult to break that cycle. In the past, governments have assumed GDP growth is the way to measure success but, this doesn’t work anymore.

We’re for those who aren’t quite confident enough yet to buy all of their outfits from charity shops or make them from scratch but still want to make a difference. If you like your designs that are overly sweet and twee, Cool Sarky Prints is probably not for you. But if you like different, take a look.